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    11600 North Beyer Road
    Birch Run, MI 48415


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Premier Exposition Center and Banquet Hall

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Email Our Staff

Missy Kelly – Receptionist
Admin@birchrunexpos.com – 989-624-4665

Theron McField – Operations Manager

Larry Doran – Director of Operations for GVB Development Group
Larry@gvbgroup.com – 231-425-6655

Bobby Gendron – General Manager
BobbyG@birchrunexpos.com – 989-624-4665 Ext 226

Tina Fila – Administrative Assistant
Tina@birchrunexpos.com – 989-624-4665 Ext 237
Dezarae Andersen-Sale, Marketing & Event Manager
Dezarae@birchrunexpos.com – 989-624-4665 Ext. 221
Wesley Dinan- Director of Operations for In House Events
Wesley@birchrunexpos.com – 989-624-4665 Ext. 230