Event Guidelines

Birch Run Expo Center

Sales & Marketing

Our General Manager, Bobby Gendron is your first source of contact with our facility. He will guide you through the booking and contracting phase of your event. Initial details and financial agreements are established at this point. No rental, misc. fees or other negotiations can be made if not through Bobby.

Bobby will be your primary contact from your initial planning through the successful culmination of your event. All information regarding your event is to be communicated to him, and we encourage you to fully utilize this important resource.

Please be sure to schedule meetings well in advance and communicate regularly during the planning process. By receiving information as early as possible, we can make all necessary arrangements for the successful production of your event, alert you to potential problems and help you avoid unnecessary expenses. We will provide you with an estimate of all BREC or vendor charges once all of your event requirements have been received.

Fees for use of Space

Use of space fees include heat/air conditioning, illumination and basic janitorial services. The General Manager can define basic janitorial services. All other equipment/services needed will be provided by BREC for a fee.


No less than a non-refundable 50% use of space deposit is due in the form of a Check, Money Order or Visa / Master Card payment. This deposit must clear BREC’s Bank Account in order for any BREC calendar reservations. (Additional fees for credit card payments)

Reservation Policy

A temporary, complimentary hold may be placed on space at BREC with no obligation. However, no dates are final until (a) both BREC and User have signed a Use of Space Agreement (Contract) AND (b) User’s deposit has cleared BREC’s bank account. Any hold will be placed for a maximum of 30 days, and will be removed from the Event Calendar unless User has signed the event use of space agreement and User’s deposit has cleared BREC’s bank account. .

Payment Policy

Payment is expected for all outstanding balances at the conclusion of the event, in other words, the last occupation time listed on the Use of Space Agreement. These balances are payable in Check, Money Order or Visa / Master Card. No cash transactions will be permitted for accounting reasons.
(Additional fees for Credit Card Payments).

Pre-Event Items:

Pre-Show Meeting

A pre-show meeting must occur at least 30 days prior to the set-up of the event. BREC requests this meeting with User’s Event Management Staff, BREC Operations Staff and possibly Village of Birch Run Building & Fire Inspection Teams in order to ensure a successful, organized and safe event. A detailed floor plan of the event, along with all event related information are required at this meeting.

Floor Plans:

Users are required to submit a detailed, legible floor plan of all indoor and outdoor events on BREC property, no later than 30 days prior to the event. Such Floor Plans must outline the following, but not limited to: All booth/activity locations, every isle width, dimensions from fire panels & fire exits, etc… Contact your Event Coordinator for additional Village of Birch Run, Michigan State Building Codes, and BREC Rules: For example, a walkway in front of BREC serving windows in each Exhibit Hall must be kept clear and free of vendor activity.


Users are responsible for obtaining all local, state and federal permits and licenses required for the event. This includes, but is not limited to Saginaw County Health Department Permits for food & beverage displays, Birch Run Fire Marshal permits for pyrotechnics, etc… The Village of Birch Run requires a $45.00 permit fee for indoor events at BREC, and $225 for Outdoor Events or Outdoor Displays.The Village Building Inspector’s contacts are the following:

Mr. Mike Setzer

Village of Birch Run Building Inspector

12060 Heath Street

PO BOX 371

Birch Run, MI 48415

Phone: (989) 624-5711

Fax: (989) 624-9681

The Birch Run Expo Center is able to coordinate the application process for Village of Birch Run Permits from information you provide regarding the event.The fee will be paid by the Birch Run Expo Center in advance and charged to the USER upon settlement as follows: Village of Birch Run $55.00 permit fee for indoor events at BREC, and $250 for Outdoor Events or Outdoor Displays.

Insurance Requirements

Users using any part of the facilities of the BREC are required to have insurance coverage in effect during their entire occupancy, including move-in, event days and move-out. Your event bears the full cost of insurance coverage. A certificate of insurance complying with the following requirements is due in our office at least thirty (30) days in advance of your event. Usually, a simple phone call to your existing insurance carrier can take care of this quickly. Fax copies are acceptable.

  • Redstone-Birch Run LLC & Birch Run Expo Center LLC – BOTH must be listed as additional insured.
  • Comprehensive general liability insurance with limits not less than $1,000,000.00 each occurrence, combined single limit, for bodily injury or death and property damage including coverage for personal injury, contractual operation of mobile equipment, products and liquor liability (if applicable).
  • Workers Compensation insurance covering User’s employees.

Security Requirements

BREC is the exclusive security provider, and the User shall be responsible for the cost of all required security for the event. BREC will set a minimum number of security personnel needed. There shall be no less than 1 (one) security officer shall be present for all hours open to the public including 30 minutes before the event starts and after event has concluded.

Freight Delivery

BREC will not accept any freight or materials more than two (2) days prior to your contracted date (exceptions upon approval of your Event Coordinator). BREC must be contacted prior to any delivery, and will reject any packages we have not agreed to receive. The freight must indicate a) the name of the event, b) exhibiting company and c) booth number.


It is customary for the exhibit contractor to assist you with the layout for your exhibit floor plan. Your contractor may provide exhibitors with booth materials, such as drape, carpeting, etc…The Birch Run Expo Center has an exclusive relationship with the following Decorator:
Exhibition Services Inc. (ESI). The Birch Run Expo Center will discuss your needs and get you an estimate for anything you may need for your event.

Audio / Visual

BREC has an exclusive relationship with Audio/Video firms to contract with and for all events requiring audio/visual services. Please discuss your requirements with the General Manager.


If your event requires indoor signage, see your Event Coordinator for limitations. User will be charged for the use of any equipment needed to hang banners, signage etc, including but not limited to ladders, lifts, etc…

If your event requires outdoor signage, the signage must fall within the Village of Birch Run’s ordinances. Permits and inspections may be required, and are the responsibility of the User.


BREC may have certain sponsorship agreements with companies that may conflict with your shows’ sponsors, exhibitors, etc…Please contact the General Manager for a list of facility sponsors.


All advertising using the BREC name must be submitted to the BREC for approval prior to the ads being placed. User agrees to allow BREC management to view a copy of all advertisements before their publishing. If User desires to televise or broadcast its event, User agrees to pay the BREC an additional fee equal to (15%) percent of the consideration received by the User and, in addition, pay all costs in connection with the televising or broadcasting of the event.

It’s Show Time!

Move-in / Move-out Procedures

Dates & times for move-in and move-out will be negotiated and listed on User’s contract. At no time shall there be any move-out or move-in through BREC lobby area. Further, vehicles may not drive on any BREC sidewalk to get closer to entrance or other doors. It is the User’s responsibility to police the move-in and move-out procedures, and BREC will bill the User to enforce these rules with BREC Operational Staff, as well as Cleaning Staff to clean unapproved areas such as the lobby floor during move-in and move-out.

Public Areas (BREC Lobby/Hallways)

Safety regulations dictate that public space in the BREC must be kept clear of obstructions for exiting exhibit halls and meeting rooms. Due to limited public space available for exhibits, service desks, registration counters, product sales, space for these purposes must be included on all floor plans for approval of BREC & Village of Birch Run. THIS INCLUDES MEDIA (TV, RADIO REMOTES, ETC…) PLACEMENT.


BREC shall provide all concessions and catering on the leased premises or persons selected by BREC, and will have the privilege of selling novelties, merchandise, foodstuff and beverages. User shall not sell or otherwise provide food or beverages on the premises without prior written consent from the BREC. No alcoholic beverages shall be sold or consumed on the premises except through the BREC; a Michigan corporation licensed by the Michigan Liquor Control Commission to provide such beverages to the premises according to its license and the laws of the State of Michigan. A walkway in front of BREC serving windows in each Exhibit Hall must be kept clear and free of vendor activity so BREC can offer concessions inside Exhibit Halls during public events. Contact the General Manager for specific dimensions of where vendors can and cannot be located near concession windows.

Building Control

BREC reserves the right to conduct business on Expo Center property not contracted to another User, including Halls, Rooms, Lobbies, etc…

BREC will only open the facility being contracted to the User that enters into the Contract with BREC. Vendors, exhibitors or the public will not be allowed to enter User’s area(s) for any reason without written permission presented to your Event Coordinator by the User. The Use, or a designated representative of the User, must be present for all hours of Use.

House Lighting

Full house lighting (100% power) in the exhibit halls will be available one half hour prior to show time through show closing (during show hours) at no additional charge. Work lights at 50% power are provided in the exhibit halls for all move-in and move-out hours at no additional charge. Full house lighting is available for these periods for an additional fee.Please contact your Event Coordinator for rates. If your event requires overnight security, exhibit hall light will not be available. Users with overnight security will have to provide their own source of lighting.

Air Conditioning/Heating

Air conditioning and heating are provided in the meeting rooms and exhibit halls during show hours only and up to three hours before actual door opening. Should you desire air conditioning or heating for 24 hours or during move-in or move-out days, you will be charged a fee.

Box Office

BREC has exclusive rights to Box Office Services. A fee of all gross ticket sales at the BREC Box Office will be assessed, plus a per ticket facility fee charge for printing from BREC Box Office (which is usually paid by the consumer). These fees cover equipment & service fees for the sale of tickets to attendees. Additional fees will be billed to the user for all credit card and/or phone sales.

BREC has an exclusive agreement to sell pre-sale tickets through ExtremeTix via the internet 24 hours a day, toll free at 888.695.0888 x1. Any other outside ticketing company (such as Ticketmaster) cannot be utilized without prior permission in writing from BREC General Manager.


BREC has exclusive rights to the parking lot and accepts parking fees, unless an agreement is reached between the User and your Event Coordinator (usually in terms of a per-head charge of the gate). These agreements are made during the contractual process only, and are only made through the General Manager.

Goods Left on Premises After Event

The Users Agreement states the earliest “time-in” and “latest-out” that must be observed by the User for the contracted areas. If materials, goods and merchandise are not removed in accordance with the Agreement, the Center will remove all such materials, goods and merchandise at the expense of the User. The Center will not be responsible for any claims for damages or loss should this action become necessary.

Lost and Found

BREC has no lost and found policy, and does not accept responsibility for items lost or found during events.


BREC is a non-smoking facility. Smoking is only allowed outside the building.


Generally, animals are not permitted inside the building, although some exceptions may be made. Exhibitors with animals may be permitted on a case by case basis, and must be cleared by your Event Coordinator. Only animals that assist Guests with needs as recognized by ADA are permitted. At no time shall any animals be allowed in the Concessions/Food Court area – no exceptions.

Misc. Costs (include but not limited to…)

Cleanup/Trash Removal

The production of most expo events generates a high volume of trash and debris. BREC provides trash removal and cleaning services from move-in through move-out of a normal trash volume. If, in the opinion of your event coordinator, your show is creating more than a normal volume of trash for BREC to deal with, extra fees will be charged. These charges will include the cost of compactor/dumpster pulls during pre-show, show and post-show trash removal, and hourly fees of BREC staff. Unnecessary trash is defined as, but not limited to, an excessive amount of vendor leftovers such as cardboard boxes, food & container waste from demonstrations, etc… You should discuss your event’s trash predictions with the General Manager, in order to communicate the fact that BREC is not a landfill to User’s vendors. If your event does not warrant extra trash compactor/dumpster pulls, then no additional fees are accessed.


The User is responsible for any damages to BREC beyond normal wear and tear. You are encouraged to schedule a “walk-through” appointment to verify condition of the BREC prior to your event move-in and again after your event.

Helium Balloon Removal

Helium balloons are permitted in the Center only when they are securely anchored to exhibits. If, at the conclusion of your event, one or more balloons are found drifting in the ceilings of the Center, you will be charged a fee for their removal. The User is responsible for Vendor & Exhibitor’s balloons.


Your event might require electrical or utility services for general session audio/visual, show offices, pressrooms, production offices, dances, parties, etc. BREC Staff must perform all power utility connections in the Utility Boxes. Please coordinate your utility requirements with your Event Coordinator early in your planning. Your Event Coordinator will provide you with an estimate of your utility/electrical connection charges (see BREC “Electrical Utilities Connection” Form for further details). User will be charged for any damaged or missing electrical equipment at the conclusion of the show, including but not limited to extension cords, power strips, power box covers, etc…


One key for the promoter office or any dressing, locker or utility rooms you wish to secure may be provided free of charge if available. There is no deposit required, however, you will be billed $25.00 for each lost key. Installation of special locks will be $50.00 per lock (non-refundable).

Adhesives / Tape / Fasteners

User shall not post or permit to be posted any sign, poster or anything that will tend to injure, mar or in any manner deface the premises including but not limited to nails, hooks, adhesive fasteners, thumb-tasks or screws. Signs may only be posted on pre-approved areas for pre-approved uses by BREC. The hanging of pictures, banners or any other items on interior or exterior walls, draperies, or superstructure along with advertising announced or publicized over any loudspeaker system requires prior written approval by the BREC. The removal of any of the above mentioned by the BREC will be billed to the User at a rate of $50.00 per hour with a one (1) hour minimum.

Tape is not allowed on BREC doors, windows or walls. The User and/or their service contractors are responsible for the removal of any tape residue marks left by Vendors (or User) on the floor, walls, windows, doors and anywhere else in the Center. A fee will be charged for any remaining residue the Center staff must remove.

Thumbtacks are not allowed in BREC meeting rooms. A $100 charge for any tack holes will be assessed to the User.

Equipment / Services / Rentals

BREC can provide a wide variety of items, such as but not limited to podiums, tables, chairs, forklifts, etc…

All of the above Event Guidelines are incorporated into the Use of Space Agreement by reference and will become terms of the agreement.

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